Our Goal: "To instruct guide and develop each student to safely handle driving situations on both urban and rural settings."

Good driving habits established at an early age will stay with the driver for years to come. To create these habits, one must be exposed to the same guidelines over and over again.

We will work with both the parent and the student driver to stress key concepts of what it takes to be a good driver this course will not only teach the student driver "the basics" but also help parents re-evaluate the drive.


Students will not be allowed to drive until they have completed the Kansas Driver;s License Handbook test, which will be given at the first class session.

Our students will drive a late model dual control car. The car used by Horizons Driving Academy will be equipped with air bags and anti-lock brakes.

Students may be required to ride as an observer for 10-15 minutes while instructor finishes with another student's instruction. This allows the instructor greater efficiency between students and gives your drives your driver an opportunity to observe other drivers and situations they encounter.

Horizons Driving Academy is licensed by the State of Kansas Department of Education, and must abide by the rules and regulations they set forth.

Your instructor will be licensed by the State and will have a criminal background check.





Horizons Driving Academy doesn't guarantee that your driver will successfully complete this driving course. Our instructors will work very hard to assist the student to reach the goal of the driver's license. However, the student must prove that they have the knowledge and show they have developed the skills needed to create a safe driving environment.

Our goal is to make sure students parents and instructors are all on the same page and developing good driving skills.

Successful completion of this course enables the student to obtain a Kansas Driver's License (16 years old), 14 year olds may also obtain a learner's permit.

The License Bureau may require additional testing when applying for the restricted license.






Tim Stephenson


I began teaching Divers Education in 1998 at Ell-Saline High School. In February of 2001 I opened Horizons Driving Academy. I have taught summer driver education programs in three area high schools for the past 7 years. The opportunities to drive students have included immigrants/students from 15 countries. I have worked with young people as a Recreation Sports Programmer for 5 years, middle school and high school teacher and driving instructor for 20 years. I have been married to my wife Nathalea for 35 years and have two children and four grandchildren. I feel as an instructor it is my mission to teach proper and safe driving mechanics, educate students on the dangers when driving and encourage them to enjoy and respect their opportunity to drive. Driving is an earned privilege ...not a right!

Neal Zouzas


I have worked with young adults for over 34 years. Twenty six years at St. Francis Community Services as a counselor and eventually as the Director.The past eight years I have been the high school counsellor a Sacred Heart in Salina,I have been married 43 years to my wife Pam and have two children. I have always enjoyed working with young adults and so becoming a Driving Instructor was an easy transition for me. Goals in working with driving students is not only to improve their driving skills but watch their confidence grow as they become more independent which is a result of having a drivers license. I started driving instruction in 2015 and have driven over 350 sessions during that time.I opened                                                                                                                                                                                  

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